Commodity trading can come with risks and promises.
Ours comes with results.

We are scaling, we ventured into new verticals like Oil & Gas, Metals & Ores and are in the process of consolidating into MTT. MTT Foods will become just MTT. Just bear with us for a few months on this.

Our regular businesses of supplying agro commodities will continue as they have been.

Often times it is difficult to find genuine buyers in the international trade, it is equally difficult to find reliable suppliers and the problem compounds when genuine buyers trying to source large-volume shipments of any commodity.


MTT Foods specializes in this segment, bringing a seamless supply of most Agro commodities to genuine buyers. We have partnered with some of the largest Factories, Co-Operatives, and other reliable high-volume suppliers from countries like Brazil, the US, Spain, India and etc to bring a painless yet consistent supply of quality agro commodities to our buyers.


We work on yearly contracts for commodities like Soy/Soy Derivatives, Corn/Corn Derivatives, Sugar, Ethanol and etc, for shipment sizes over 12.500 MT/monthly.

We also supply Spices like Pepper, Cardamom, Saffron and etc, on a limited quantity.

Contact us for the latest prices and stock availability, or better send us your LOI to with product info, product specifications, company details, bank information.

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