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MTT Foods


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"Don't settle for average."

Welcome to the world of trustworthy and responsible trading.

MTT Foods is a diverse business trading in different areas of the international trade, We have gained valuable knowledge and experience and through this knowledge we can provide the best solutions to our clients and suppliers’ operations, creating more value and reducing the costs in different stages of the operation. Internally, we make the “time go faster” by assuring punctuality when interacting with the world.

We have been supplying to many reputable buyers worldwide, however, we would like to mention MTT Foods is a supplier to United Nations World Food Program ( with the vendor ID #779575.

Being a business that primarily deals in Agri Commodities, we also do supply products in different categories like Wood, Urea, Coal, Oil, Gas, Metals, Ores and Minerals. Send us your LOI/ICPO for your requirements, we will do our best.

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