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What You Should Know About Commodities 


  • NOTE: If you are NOT a REAL Buyer, or Have REAL Verifiable Buyer(s), please do NOT contact us!

  • Buying Instructions You and Your Buyer Need to Know 

  • Our Company Policy 

  • What Is Required 

  • Requirements for Partnering with Our Company 

  • Filing with our company to receive commissions

Buying commodities is by many, clearly misunderstood. There are many misconceptions novices, and so-called experienced people are just unfamiliar with in this industry, and we aim to clarify them for you. So, while competition continues to grow, yet unknowing to many whether those you deal with are legitimate, our objective is not to eliminate our competition, but secure partnerships with them. Working with a real solid company will ensure that the companies you deal with have been vetted and have the ability to perform. 

Within the last several years, our company, Sienna International Group, LLC has seen a surge of individuals entering the commodities market hoping to make it big, honestly & dishonestly. While clearly inexperienced and ignorant in how this industry operates, they're fooled by the stories of the amounts of riches one can achieve almost overnight.

Unfortunately, this story telling senerio could not be furthest from the truth. While you can make a comfortable living and even better than a comfortable living, finding yourself legitimate and we mean
legitimate solid sellers and buyers, are like finding a needle in the haystack. Without knowing how and where to look for these companies, will leave you disappointed time and time again, not to mention the likelihood of losing your real contacts by bringing forward non-performing sellers and/or buyers.

In being conservative, of the 1,000 people or so-called real buyers you make contact with, you will be lucky to find (1) REAL buyer among them - This pertains to sellers also! Everybody claims to be one or the other, but unless you are experienced, perceptive and know what signs to look for, you would never know the difference between a real buyer/seller or a person working from a computer in a local donut shop with Internet access.

The days of high commissions have been long gone. We live in a new world of terrorism and money laundering, and for that, our national governments are more determined to oversee every transaction and every dollar entering accounts of their citizens, as is ours in the India.

Commissions should be based solely on the amount of work an intermediary has provided to their group, and thus should be paid accordingly. If you take the amount of man-hours you have actually contributed to the deal, and divide it by the amount of your 'Fantasy Commission' , it would probably amount to 10s and even 100's of thousands of dollars per minute - Do you actually believe you or any of your so-called partners deserve these kinds of outrageous fees for introducing a buyer to a seller? Think again! 

Not to be insulting to your country of origin, but the kinds of $$ you demand you should receive in one transaction, exceeds 10-fold the amount of money you would probably make in an entire lifetime of labor work!

If you live your life and your career without reason, than you will forever be living in a fantasy world. With that said, we would ask that you take your business elsewhere and to a company that will 
'Yes' you to death, only to cheat you in one fashion or another down the road with non-performing sellers.

However, if on the other hand you are one of those individuals who have entered this industry to make it a lifelong career, are determined to excel, and have a solid buyer(s) list for any of the products we offer, bring them forward! - We will see to it that you will make a great living doing what you enjoy...  
Remember, it's not what you can do for yourself, but what you can close for your REAL buyer! 

Years have been spent developing relations with True, Reliable & Performing Sellers. And just as we continue to persue a larger seller base, we continue to reduced our network base to encompass only groups of people who are not, as we call them scavengers . Scavengers, are referred to those who believe every inquiry in their mailbox is a true buyer, and in doing so will accept any LOI or the word of a stranger as a legitimate buyer. Should you continue to deliver these types of inquiries to us, you will surely be shunned in this industry... Guaranteed! 

So, to begin relations with our company, you will need to file with our company a set of 3 documents with your company and personal information - 
No intermediary will get paid unless these documents are filled out completely! 

If you want to be known as a person who is capable in closing deals, then join us! 

Note: Joining our network does not guarantee access to our company benefits. All person(s) will be approved on an individual basis, whether you are direct to seller(s) and/or buyer(s) group.



  1. Buyer submits inquiry on buyers letterhead - standard acceptable international format. 

  2. Sellers/Mandate responds with offer if target and procedures are within accepable means. 

  3. Buyer accepts procedures and pricing and issues ICPO & BCL including pricing, procedures and payment terms of seller. 

  4. Seller will respond with FCO or DC if information has satisfied seller. 

  5. Initial portion of the transaction begins - buyer and seller start initial stage of communications. 

  6. IMPORTANT: Sellers will NOT issue #4 if BCL or Banking information is not included in the documents, signed and sealed by (2) senior bank officers. If the information issued is fraudulant in nature by deliberate means, any names, company information and emails associated with this document will be 'Blacklisted'.


Please note: These are NOT the procedures for sellers. They are basic initial stages sellers require to proceed to the next level of communications. Payment terms and full procedures vary from one seller to another and can be found on pages of products sections.

Food for Thought: Less than 1% of people in this industry ever close a deal in their entire life-time!



The DO's & DON'Ts of our company & our industry.


  1. We do expect inquiries to be conducted in a professional manner. Inquiries must be submitted on buyer letterhead, signed and sealed with contact information of the principal or his mandate.

  2. We will verify the legitimacy of the information prior to issuing any offers.

  3. We will 'Blacklist' anyone submitting fraudulant documents and submit your information to our network world-wide.

  4. We do expect the buyer or his mandate to respond to our offers, within the validity date period and in an appropriate manner, if an offer was issued to them. So, we expect you or your buyer to respond to any offer we issue. If you fail to respond, we will no longer issue offers to you or your parties, and we will make sure such buyers, mandates are blacklisted making it impossible to source any commodity worldwide from any GAFTA approved suppliers.

  5. We do expect the buyer upon acceptance of the offer, to issue proper documentation, including BCL in order to move to the next level of the transaction.

  6. We deal with Licensed/Bonded PayMaster - International based Attorney Only!



  1. We do not deal with scam companies! And YES, we know the difference...

  2. We do not deal with anyone over the internet without being registered with our company: Full name, Address, Contact #'s, Company Info, Passport Photo/ID, etc, nor will any commissions be paid unless this information is on file.

  3. We do not send 'Samples' , niether do any sellers, regardless of what you are led to believe by the so-called educated.

  4. We do not issue POP, without verification of POF or instruments in place (usually Non-Ops).

  5. We do not issue, nor does our government and sellers allow us to issue 'high commissions' .

  6. We do not deal with chain of brokers. If you are unable to put us in direct contact with the buyer or his signatory, than please do not waste our time.