We supply Coffee from Ethiopia

  • Yirgachefe

  • Guji highlands

  • Sidamo

  • Limmu


Ethiopian Yirgachefe coffee is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. Its light bodied flavour and delicious

aromas makes it a perfect beverage choice.


Growing altitude:1,700-2,200 meters
Aroma-floral, sweet -flavor-complex,fruity,tea,floral,lemon
Drying method: Sud-dried on raised beds and patios

Guji highlands

The Guji is complex ,beautiful fruity and aromatic, just like our fully washed Guji,but with all those classic natural process qualities. It has floral aromatics and sweet tropical fruit notes. These fruits are also present in its acidity which is medium and sweet. Others notes which are present are vanilla, cherry and cocoa.


Process: sun dried
Region :Guji, Oromio Region
Altitude:1850-1950 amsl
Drying method: Sud-dried on raised beds and patios



Sidamo is in southern Ethiopia from regions is characterised by unique flavours like sweet lemon and flora ,and an ideal balance between acidity and body.


The first, most striking details about this coffee is the aroma.Before the beans are even roasted ,they have a powerful fragrance of sweet fruit with floral undertones.