We supply two kinds of corn
  • GMO Corn

  • NON-GMO Organic Corn


Of course, the organic variant is not genetically modified.

We are specialized in both the supply of NON-GMO and GMO Corn, as you have to be more careful concerning protection and follow-up. The demand for NON-GMO is going up worldwide. We guarantee the pureness of our NON-GMO products.


There is no chance at all that it becomes contaminated as the production of NON-GMO is done on farms (fazendas) dedicated to NON-GMO. Also, storage is uniquely NON-GMO. We mostly produce (grow) our own products with some exceptions.


If we do not have a certain product available - either not at all or in insufficient quantity - we will contact our associated farmers in order to be able to deliver.


Corns are a commodity. Our pricing is complex, but all Corn growers pay attention to CBOT.

The Chicago Board of Trade (see under Useful Links) gives market quotes for Corn options and futures.

But our price also depends on the internal demand on the Brazilian market (quotes are here). As this text is been written the prices in the Cerrado plains are 10% above CBOT. But it might as well go the other way, If we plant for a client all bets are off because we then can set the price (usually very favourable) in advance. This is possible as we carefully control our costs and they do usually not vary much. We are very fortunate with the climate in the Cerrado. It is rare any surprises arise from climatic changes.

A new oil crisis could of course offset our transportation costs. However, in the Cerrado, the prevision is for falling costs due to much better infrastructures. The perhaps biggest risk for us is the USD/Real exchange rate. This could for a variety of reasons be of some significance. But bear in mind that it has been a long while since the Brazilian currency was unstable as in the past.


We sell Corn according to Brazilian, US and Indian specifications. We make sure the quality better and has less foreign matter per definition and we make sure our soybean generally changes hands fewer times before being exported, signifying less damage. A number of less definite parameters of our soybeans further amplifies the quality difference in favour of our corn when compared to other However, we have the possibility to create corn to specification. Contact us for your sugar needs now