General Information

              Info about our products and prices

We run a transparent business, our products come with highest quality standards and our supply is seamless making sure our buyers re delighted. We mostly get involved in every step of the process, from farming, sourcing, storing, transporting, trading, consulting to supplying.

We always work to find the right balance between sustainable business policies for farmers and other equitable holders in the sourcing chain on one hand and offering the best produce to our buyers on the value chain, from offering fair price to our Farmers/FPO (Farm Producers Organisations) to best quality of product to our buyers.

Our business is transparent and competitive.

Commodities prices generally fluctuate because of many reasons, so our prices are based on CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) for Soy/Soy Derivatives, Corn/Corn Derivatives, like majority of the Soy/Corn producers.


We anchor our our Sugar and Ethanol prices on LIFFE (London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange)

For other products like Coffee, Spices we base our prices on local markets from the country the product originated from and we always encourage our associated farmers to keep at-least a 25% of profits on their commodities. A decent and fair price always helps the farmers do better which is very important for a consistent supply for now or in the long run.

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