We supply two kinds of Soymeal
  • GMO Soymeal

  • NON-GMO Soymeal


Soymeal is a derived product created in a crusher, soybean meal is produced from the residue left after oil extraction. Removal of the oil, which is used mostly in food, but also for industrial oils, soaps and biodiesel, involves crushing and either pressing or solvent extraction. Some, but not all, soybean meal contains ground soybean hulls.


However, GMOs are more common. NON-GMO is becoming rare. Soybean meal is nearly entirely produced and used for animal feed, but an uncommon variety for human consumption (NON-GMO) is available.


Sometimes if and when we do not have a certain product available or we do not have enough. In those cases, we will talk to associated farmers in order to be able to deliver. Contact us for Soymeal now.