We supply 2 kinds of Sugar

  1. Cane Sugar

  2. Beet Sugar

Our relationships with key producers in Latin America, Europe, Asia among others, and with the major international refiners combined with our market reach, make MTT Foods one of the most reputed suppliers of white and raw sugar in the world. We supply

  • ICUMSA-45

  • ICUMSA 100

  • ICUMSA-150

  • VHP or ICUMSA 600 - 1500 

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Sugar ICUMSA 45 is only produced in large quantities after confirmed sales, recently the sugar ICUMSA 45 was introduced in the market with denomination " Top Quality".

There are no warehouse or ports that can store large quantities of ICUMSA-45 and it is also impossible to store large quantities of ICUMSA 45, Only Raw sugar, Crystal sugar ICUMSA 100 and 150 can be stored in large quantities.


The issue of logistics is also complex. The ships that are waiting for berthing and consequences for all warehouse are completely blended, therefore the cost of storing sugar ICUMSA 45 produced, bagged and stored in the port is very high, which makes it unfeasible, therefore sugar refining, storage and bagging for shipment only be achieved after the sale effectively.

The average delivery time of sugar at the port ready for shipment can be 30-45 days depending on the refining, transportation to the port of loading and delay in berthing of vessels.

Sugar available in containers - Break bulk in bags and Bulk vessels:
Sugar in containers 20'

ICUMSA 45 - 100 - 150

Max.  26 m/tons

Package: Polybags 50 kilos, 520 Polybags  per unit

Raw sugar in containers 20'

Only in big bags 1m/ton or 2 m/tons

Max. weight 20 m/tons with 20 big bags per unit

Prices C&F or CIF depending on quantity and destination. 

Sugar ICUMSA 45 - 100 and 150


In Break Bulk vessel

Package: Polybags 50 kilos

Vessel Qty: 12.500 m/tons, 25.000 m/tons, 50.000 m/tons

Raw sugar -  ICUMSA 800 - 1200

Bulk cargo- Only in bulk vessel

Vessel Qty.12.500 m/tons, 25.000 m/tons, 50.000 m/tons


Procedures for Sugar Spot:

- Buyer issues ICPO and BCL (ICPO endorsed by bank officer)
- Seller approves ICPO and sends the Draft Contract
- Buyer/Seller sign the Contract 
- Buyer opens non-operative SBLC or MT 103 to seller bank
- Seller issues POP to turn operative the financial instrument
- Shipments starts as per contract terms.



Procedures for Sugar Contracts:
- Buyer issues LOI and BCL
- Seller issues FCO
- Buyer returns FCO signed / stamped
- Seller approves and sends the Draft Contract
- Buyer/Seller sign the Contract 
- Buyer opens non-operative BG or SBLC to seller bank
- Seller issues Performance Bond Guarantee 2% and POP to turn operative the financial instrument
- Shipments starts as per contract terms.

Past Performance and Proof of Products:

MTT Foods Pvt Ltd does not provide history of past transactions as this is against the law and contract rules established between the seller and the buyer, NCNDA of ICC - Non-Circumvention Non-Disclosure Agreement based on International Chamber of Commerce. 


We had many problems with documents used illegally by companies/brokers who are acting in the international sugar market on our behalf without our permission, Many documents are used fraudlently, therefore can not report past performance nor provide any copy of SGS inspection, Certificates of Origin and others.

MTT Foods Pvt Ltd does not provide proof of product anytime before contract signature and bank to bank swift with proof of funds. Please do not insist as we understand any communication that is not bank to bank has no value either for us or for the buyer. It is very easy to issue a "fake" proof of product without bank to bank communication so we don't do it.

To provide our Buyers the best sales experience there are set procedures we need to follow, and important information we need from you our Buyer to offer excellent prices.

1. From you we need an LOI or an ICPO…. All Refineries and Mills need to know who they are dealing with. 

An LOI or ICPO must contain the following information:

We need your business name and address, its all very simple.

We need to know what you want…

Volume (how much sugar)?
Going to where?
Packing and loading information.
Sugar from which Country of Origin?
Delivery Schedule?
Target price you seek?

If you can’t or won’t provide the above, then we will not issue any Firm Corporate Offer (FCO) or prices.
We and our Refineries and Mills need to know who we are dealing with.

2. Next, all our FCO’s are only valid once they are counter-signed by us and supported by a Contract.

All FCO’s and Contracts have a valid expiry date. If you have a habit of asking us for FCO’s and we hear nothing back, then we will not issue any more without a valid explanation.

Do not think going to a bank with our FCO or a Contract will allow you to get a bank loan, because it won’t.
For you to get a bank loan from our Contracts or FCO’s you will also need to talk with our bank and bank staff.

We do not expect to win every opportunity, but we do wish to know why we were not successful so we can improve our service to all customers. We need to know what we did not do and why we lost an order so we can improve.

3. There is a required process to obtaining documents like Proof of Product, Health certificates, Origin of Products, SGS reports or quality control documents, export / import licenses, AQCIQ etc,.

To obtain a Proof of Product (POP), both ourselves and the supplying Refinery or Mill, need to know beyond any doubt you can pay. That means we need to see the financial documents from your bank and present them to our bank and/or the Refineries’ and Mills’ banks for approval. Once that is done and approved, documents will be released to you.
(All banks have obligations to conduct due diligence to check for money laundering, weapons supply, people trafficking or a multitude of unsatisfactory activities).

4. Banks and Banking Instruments
Important….. Normally our offers are inline with market prices. Please remember if we have given you a special offer or price it must be supported by your SBLC payment. That is why we need to know that your bank is of a good quality. In preference, a top 10 Tier1 bank is required. If your bank is not of high enough standing, then your SBLC is probably of much lower value and more difficult to support. Then it will take longer to generate funds to buy sugar or, maybe not possible at all. Talk to us and we can advise.

Regarding SBLC’s and DLC’s; SBLC’s are seen as much more valuable or viable in banking terms. In most cases we do not trade or monetize your SBLC. We only trade on it’s existence to gain the extra capitol or funds to apply as discounts off the market prices That is how we can provide you with better prices. It can also be possible on Contracts that we can also refund your cost of setting up the SBLC, so again less cost to you.

This page is here to help you. We are genuine end sellers with access to substantial sugar stocks in Brazil, India, Colombia and Thailand and how we can help deliver your request.
With us you are dealing with the end seller. Not a broker or trader. The end seller.
By being 100% transparent we expect the same from all Buyers.

If you want us to make you an offer you know what needs to be done.

Contact us for your sugar needs now